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Community Initiatives - "Innclusive"

As a community-owned, Devon village pub, the Cornwood Inn is about more than just excellent pub food and a well-earned drink.

The stated mission of Cornwood Inn Action Group, the community benefit society which owns the Cornwood Inn, is to run the pub "as a social and cultural hub, benefitting the whole of the parish of Cornwood and its surrounding area, with an emphasis on inclusiveness and combatting rural isolation".

Or, to put it another way, we aim to be "Innclusive".

What Does "Innclusive" Mean?

To be Innclusive means to use the Cornwood Inn as a venue and rallying point for all members of the community - and visitors, of course - to come together and, crucially, to reach out to people who might otherwise face social, physical, financial or emotional isolation, or other threats to their wellbeing – in short, for the pub to be an active force for good in the community.


There are three core strands to the Innclusive banner:

  • Innto Dartmoor – leveraging the Cornwood Inn’s fantastic location at the gateway to Dartmoor, on a major route for people form the community and beyond who are looking to make the most of Dartmoor’s walking, horse-riding, cycling, kayaking, fishing and other outdoor amenities.  By making the pub a hub for these outdoor-based activities – somewhere to meet at the start of the day and enjoy a meal together at the end, with facilities for bikes and other equipment – we make it possible to open up opportunities for community members to participate in activities, alongside other enthusiasts, which might not otherwise be readily available to them.

        Speaking of outdoor activities, for details of walks for a range of ages and abilities, click here.

  • Open Innternet – in a rural community, lack of access to the internet is a significant barrier to accessing essential services – shopping, banking, managing utilities, making appointments, etc – especially for those who also lack personal mobility or transport.  The internet can also be a key tool in helping to overcome loneliness and isolation.  Both these factors are likely to increase in significance as, for example, the trend for high street shop and branch closures (particularly banks) and the use of email as the main method of communication continues, or even accelerates.  By making superfast broadband available to members of the community free of charge, with core initiatives aimed at increasing computer and internet literacy, the pub  plays a key role in harnessing the power of the internet to help combat isolation, loneliness and even deprivation.  We also have a team of volunteers to train and support people who need a little help to use their gadgets, just email and let us know what sort of help you need.

  • Inndependence – as a permanently-staffed facility with a central village location and space to offer, the pub has a clear role to play in helping to bring various out-of-town services and other community benefits into the heart of the area – basically, using the pub as a hub for a host of helpful little extras and community-minded activities.  This plays a key role in helping community members who may otherwise struggle to access those services to maintain their personal independence (whilst also giving them opportunities to enrich their social lives).

So by drinking and eating with us, not only are you doing good for your soul, you're doing good for others too!

If you want to know more, or if you think you have something to offer in support of our Innclusive initiatives, please do reach out to us.

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